Sunday, June 21, 2009

I recently created a website for my business and found there are numerous obstacles to market your business online. When I attempted to purchase the domain name for my business Cary Electric Company, I learned someone had purchased it and was using it to promote other Contractors in my area. The owner of the site wasn't a licensed contractor he just bought the name to profit from the Good Will that had been built with that name in the past. Of course the domain name was for sale or rent but for a price I wasn't about to pay, not for Good Will I had built in my 30 years of being in Business. So I purchased the Domain of A bit longer than people would normally type but I hope not overly difficult.
I also learned for a Contractor to be successful using online marketing they needed to get their URL up in the Google ranking, how would one do this, well one good way was to create a blog. I thought about the blog Idea and thought why not, there are many articles that can be written about the Construction and service industry today in Montgomery County Maryland and why not give the public an opportunity to learn online just how to get work done around their house, how to do things right and what are obstacles in the Construction and service industry today in Montgomery County Maryland. So here it is lets see how many people are interested in participating.
Oh one more thing I also learned on the Website I created, I installed a discussion board to do some of what the goal of this blog is for but more tailored for my Electric Company, wouldn’t you know it some porn site found the Discussion Board and took it over, posting over 9000 URL’s to online porn sites. I never realized there was that many Porn Sites online. Well anyone wishing to add a discussion/question and answer page to their site is invited to link to this blog, Here we may be able to moderate and control the contents of this site and your URL will be attached to your articles as long as they are courteous and relevant to Service work, Construction and remodeling in Montgomery County Maryland, I would also like to invite people to speak about the bureaucracy and obstacles we all deal with owning and operating a service business in Montgomery County. Please contact me with what interests you and see if we can get you answers also this is one good way to get your business up the rankings of the Google Search engine.

Cary Lamari, owner
Cary Electric Co.
15411 Baileys Lane
Silver Spring Md.